3 Kitchen Organization Ideas

Organization in any part of your life can be the difference between being productive or not. I need to be organized in my workplace as well as my home. I make it a point to ensure that everything has their place so that when I need to find it the next time it will be right where I put it. This goes for my tools as well as my kitchen utensils.

Our kitchen is an organized space and it is that way because we work at it. We make it a point to buy kitchen accessories that help us stay organized. Organization in the kitchen leads to being more productive which also leads to a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

There was a time when we opened up our kitchen drawers and our utensils were in a heap with no rhyme or reason. That was before we were able to find custom kitchen drawer organizers that we could tailor to work in any drawer size that we had. I had built a kitchen island and within that island, I built 3 drawers. Two of the drawers were a custom size and it was hard to find generic drawer organizers that matched that size.

Then I found a utensil organizing kit that included a silicone base mat that allowed me to cut it to the dimensions of the base of my drawers. It also included dividers of various sizes that I could use to separate my collection of knives, lemon and lime reamers, and other kitchen utensils. The dividers stay in place without any glue or other adhesive so you can move them around to match the way you want to organize your utensils. It is a great solution for keeping our kitchen utensils in order.

Kitchen Utensil Holder

I know this may sound like a really simple item to have in a kitchen but it serves a very important purpose. If you are an avid cook like my wife, there are certain kitchen utensils such as a metal serving spoon, ladle, spatula, wooden salad fork and spoon, and knife sharpener that you need all the time. Having a stylish kitchen utensil holder that matches your existing kitchen décor, is a central location in which you can store these regularly-utilized utensils.

You have so many different options for a utensil holder. Stainless steel and ceramic are probably the most popular version but I’ve also seen wooden utensil holders as well as copper and pewter units. You may find that for your needs you need a couple of these utensil holders to store your most popular kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Canister Sets

Kitchen canister sets allow you to store dry goods like sugar, flour, and baking soda in conveniently-located canisters on your kitchen island top or your countertop. How often have you had to open up your kitchen cabinets and look for these dry goods and have to add them to your recipes from their bulky packages? Well, the canister sets will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier and you won’t have to guess where you put these items in your cabinets. You can buy stylish containers to match your décor and to match your kitchen utensil holder. Once you start using a set of canisters you simply won’t be without them.

Kitchen organization ideas are numerous and the three kitchen accessories detailed here should help you be productive in this space and enhance your enjoyment at the same time.

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