A Better Solution For Microwave Cleaning

Posted on by Rick Lin

A Better Solution For Microwave Cleaning

No one can live without food and to have food, one needs to maintain his kitchen. But maintaining a kitchen isn’t easy. It involves not only cooking but cleaning as well. No doubt there is new equipment to make things easy but they need to be regularly cleaned as well. There is the best new kitchen gadget that makes the cleaning of microwave easy.

Whenever someone heats food in the microwave, it looks like a murder scene as the microwave gets splashes of food everywhere. But it is also not possible to clean it when it is hot. And it is also difficult to clean when splashes become cold as they become too hard to come out. So, to ease this problem we have Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. The product looks like a giant lady with fiery red hair. One just needs to put vinegar and water in the plastic body of the product according to the marks mentioned on the body. One can also add up a bit of lemon juice for fragrance. 

Before putting the bottle in the microwave just remove the bigger food chunks with a damp towel. Then, just put the bottle in the microwave by adjusting the timer for seven minutes. After some time you will see steam on the microwave window or might hear a splashing sound. Once the time is over wait for it to cool down for two minutes and then remove the angry mama microwave cleaner by holding its harms as the arms stay cooler. Then one can take the turntable glass out to wash it. The last step would be cleaning the whole inside of the microwave with a sponge. 

Hence it is a better solution for microwave cleaning. Press Order now!